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Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry(BERA) or Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) is an objective electrophysiological and non-invasive method of hearing assessment. BERA / ABR evaluate both cochlea and brainstem auditory pathway integrity.


Estimating hearing levels of difficult-to-test patients
Evaluating patients with suspected Retrocochlear Pathology.
Diagnosis of Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder.
To Assess hearing in Congenital Malformations of Ear cases such as Microtia, Atresia, Stenosis of Ear Canal, Anotia, Ear Tags & Mondini deformity.
To assess Functional Hearing Loss

Types of BERA / ABR we use

1. Threshold Estimation BERA / ABR – This helps in estimating hearing levels.

2. High Rate BERA / ABR – This helps in differentiating cochlear versus Retrocochlear involvement in hearing loss

3. Bone Conduction BERA / ABR – This helps in estimating bone conduction hearing levels.

Our use of advanced technology and equipment ensures precise diagnoses and successful treatments. Our hearing aids are top-notch and crafted for optimal comfort and performance. Ambulkar Speech and Hearing Clinic in Pune offers a wide range of services across Swargate, Parvati, MarketYard, Camp, Dhankwadi, and Satara Road. We provide consultation services, as well as custom-made hearing aids and auditory rehabilitation programs. This includes assessments for Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, Otoscopy, OAE, BERA, Pure Tone Audiometery, Impedance Audiometery, Hearing Aid, Tinnitus, Ear Mould Impression, and Speech Therapy. We also offer digital hearing aids that ensure a high-quality sound experience without any interference from background noise or feedback. To book an appointment with Dr. Avichal Ambulkar at Ambulkar Speech and Hearing Clinic in Pune, call 9323815012 today!