Ambulkar Speech And Hearing Clinic, deals with individuals with Hearing, Speech, Language and Communication disorders. Diagnosis of hearing,Speech, Language and/or Communication disorders is done with the help of contemporary tests/techniques.
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Hearing aid specialist in pune

Hearing Aid

Hearing aid is recommended and fitted to the patient’s with hearing loss, provided and after confirmation from an ENT surgeon no other treatment is going to help him/her to improve hearing capacity.
Hearing aids can be chosen on the basis on type/degree/ severity of hearing loss.
Moreover hearing aids are chosen on the basis of individuals hearing needs and demands.
A great deal of Cosmetic value is attached with the hearing aids like Visible/invisible

Our use of advanced technology and equipment ensures precise diagnoses and successful treatments. Our hearing aids are top-notch and crafted for optimal comfort and performance. Ambulkar Speech and Hearing Clinic in Pune offers a wide range of services across Swargate, Parvati, MarketYard, Camp, Dhankwadi, and Satara Road. We provide consultation services, as well as custom-made hearing aids and auditory rehabilitation programs. This includes assessments for Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, Otoscopy, OAE, BERA, Pure Tone Audiometery, Impedance Audiometery, Hearing Aid, Tinnitus, Ear Mould Impression, and Speech Therapy. We also offer digital hearing aids that ensure a high-quality sound experience without any interference from background noise or feedback. To book an appointment with Dr. Avichal Ambulkar at Ambulkar Speech and Hearing Clinic in Pune, call 9323815012 today!